Safety and Philosophy


At Maxum, safety isn't just a priority it's a core value. Safety is a mindset and an attitude that all Maxum employees carry with them on a daily basis. We are committed to continuous improvement in safety, with a common goal of zero injuries. We also take an active part in initiatives, including the development of "Best Practices" and training programs.

Maxum makes it a priority to keep compliant with OSHA safety rules. Through Maxum’s risk management programs, we educate our reliable staff, our subcontractors and our vendors to promote training and safety as a cornerstone of our company culture. Our employees actively execute safety values and accident prevention tactics during every job, while simultaneously generating innovative and quality work on a nationwide level.

We are committed to reinforcing safety and risk management, through training and skill-level improvement programs, including:

Safety and risk management also assist to positively influence our bottom line, as well as those of our customers. We strive to manage costs by resolving outstanding issues in a timely manner.


Our internal safety philosophy allows us to develop and enforce workplace practices that ensure the safe-work ethic and environment of our employees. It is based upon the following principles: