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At Maxum, we provide engineering, design, construction, and maintenance services for wireline and wireless communications, including cell tower construction, broadband fiber optic cable installation, and wireline construction services all across the country. We combine cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, skilled professionals, and a commitment to our customer’s communication needs with the highest levels of reliability and quality.

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Turn-Key Construction

Wireless construction projects typically require a broad set of construction trades. In order to expedite delivery, contractors need to rely on qualified teams to complete each and every task. Maxum’s experience and resources enable us to deliver a completed product, on time, every time. The landscape of wireless is constantly changing, and we have evolved with it.

Maxum is well-versed in the particular needs of city planning departments. Zoning and planning can be a challenging process. Our experiences building in urban areas, as well as rural areas, have allowed us to face and overcome many of these hurdles through the years. Wireless-specific codes and ordinances that affect each phase of a project can slow it to a crawl, if not stop it all together. Coordination with local, municipal or state officials is vital to maintaining a schedule, and if problems do arise, you can be assured our team will correct them in a timely manner.

If your current contractor is not producing to your specifications, or your system is just not performing like it should, we will be happy to assess the situation and get you online as soon as possible. Maxum’s managers, employees and sub-contractors are not only professional tower erectors, certified in Tower Climbing, Safety and Rescue, but they also possess top-quality skills in several construction trades. In addition to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Maxum adheres to guidelines set forth in the National Association of Tower Erector's Accident Prevention, Safety and Health Program.

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Antenna and Lines

The core of RF technology lies within the transmission and/or reception of radio waves. If the infrastructure is not 100 percent, RF signals can lose their effectiveness. High-quality installation can help prevent signal deterioration over the years.

Maxum has installed cellular, microwave, broadcast antennas and transmission lines on just about every type of structure you can imagine: water tanks, wind mills, billboards and street light poles, to name a few. Whether you require installation of a new build or a co-located site, you can be confident of the knowledge and experience of the team at Maxum.

Whether you are planning a new build, fully redundant microwave network ring, or a simple unlicensed link, we have the knowledge and training to build a system that will last. Our crews are trained by manufacturers to install their products correctly (Andrews, RFS, Cablewave and Eupen Cable). We also have Level 3-certified microwave technicians that can troubleshoot your existing microwave link or install a new one. In addition, our employees have experience installing Ceragon, Dragonwave and Harris microwave systems. As our client base has grown over the years, so has our breadth of knowledge and training.

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Testing and Site Inspections

When submitting your scope of work, including time frame for completion, we will tailor a program to fit your specific requirements. We are fully capable of providing the detailed site analysis you need, anywhere in the country, and packaged in a format that's easy to read.

We're very familiar with troubleshooting lines, antennas, microwave systems, fiber, Cat5 and T-1’s. This service can also be included in your Site Inspection/Maintenance Program. Maxum is also experienced with PIM testing, or Passive Intermodulation, used by some carriers to test the quality of installation and system integrity. We can provide as much detail as necessary and in most cases correct the issues at test-time.

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